Tim Kelly at Phillies Nation is confirming that the Phils’ out-of-town scoreboard is indeed updated and upgraded:

Seems like fans have mixed feelings on this. I see some social posts talking about the old school vibe, lamenting the loss of something that was intrinsic to Citizens Bank Park when it opened 20 years ago. It’s nostalgia, right? A bit of charm with the classic look and feel. A portion of baseball fans like things the way they are, as we’ve learned countless times before. If it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing, and that’s the sentiment you see in this case.

At the same time, the new board provides “optionality,” which is not a word, but something Daryl Morey says. The old board had the capability of, well, showing scores. The new one can show anything. Scores, advertising, statistics, maybe a picture of Darth Vader strangling Jar Jar Binks on Star Wars night. People will grumble, but it’s inevitable that the old goes out and the new comes in.