Sixers keep dealing:

Okay now this one I don’t get. Springer is a young guy with plenty of upside. Still under team control for two more years at less than $4 million per. Now they ship him to a rival for a second round draft pick. Watch Springer turn into Marcus Smart up in Boston. He’s a great defender already, but the offensive game is a project, and if the Celtics figure that out, it’s gonna be a rough one.

On the flip side, you’re basically cleaning up your cap sheet entirely by moving Springer. The only guys you have for next year are Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey (cap hold), and Paul Reed contingent on the Sixers getting to the second round of the playoffs. If they keep playing like this, and Embiid doesn’t return, they might be able to get off the Reed contract as well, which is $7 million.

So you’re talking about a ton of room to work with next season. You’re getting off the Tobias Harris contract, Buddy Hield, Nic Batum, Robert Covington, basically hitting the reset button completely.