This is awesome:

This is such a classic move when you’re a 21 year old. Except this 21 year old is a millionaire in the NHL. Remember, Drysdale was traded in the middle of a road trip. He came into Philly with basically the shirt on his back. He probably still has a bunch of shit in Anaheim. There’s a chance he’s living out of a suitcase in a hotel. The All Star break would be a great time to get your life in order for the first time in a month. But that’s not when 21 year olds do.

When you have a bunch of things to do and you’re 21, what do you do? Everything else but what you’re supposed to. Have to study for an exam but the boys are going to the bar? YOLO. Need to apply to internships? You have the next 40 years to work. Those are tomorrow’s problems. Look at this guy enjoying Mexico against his will:

Just a hilarious amount of drinks on the table for only eight people.

You’re not going to be 21 forever. One day you’re going to be like Cam Atkinson and spend the ASB at the “Greatest” Place on Earth:


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You don’t think Atkinson wishes he could do one more ASB with the boys in Mexico without having a 72-hour hangover? Of course he does. But you get to your 30s and you’re COOKED. I was thinking about going to the Waste Management Open next year and I immediately wondered how much TUMS I’d have to bring in my carry-on. Stick a fork in me. I’m done.

This Flyers team loves each other. Here’s hoping the vibes carry them into the playoffs: