The Sixers are dealing with their 13th player on the injury report this season due to an illness. Apparently, if you took a children’s daycare, a leper unit, a Wuhan lab and mix them together, that would be the Sixers’ locker room. Tyrese Maxey is the latest victim:

Tobias Harris has had the flu for like two weeks now.

He sounded like shit at Monday’s postgame presser:

The boys need more Vitamin C, more zinc, maybe a seventh booster. Anything please. Fill these guys with more IV than your girlfriend at a bachelorette party. We’re drowning over here and about to be in the play-in game. How long until teams start treating the visitors locker room like Vlade Divac and the Lakers in Space Jam?

If you’re going to the Farg tonight you should take a page out of this guy’s book:

The password to get in is ORRRRRRRRGYYYYYYYYYY.