This was a hilarious. This is what $3 million in NIL gets you:

At least Nova fans will always have that Battle 4 Atlantis banner!

These guys look so lost on offense. They work their asses off on defense, come down to the other side of the court, and look like they have no idea what play is called. This last 18 seconds might not even be the worst offensive possession they had Wednesday night. It’s embarrassing to come out of a timeout and not even get a shot off. They even had another timeout. Why didn’t Neptune call one with six seconds left when Brendan Hausen is in no mans land and picked his dribble up? –

Then it looked like Neptune dodged the postgame press conference:

And then had to come back out:

Apparently Nova is quick to the press conference after games? I just can’t believe there would be a statement and not one reporter would ask what the hell happened in that last sequence. Why is the Xavier guy the one asking the question? There’s a couple reporters from the area who cover college hoops, some there and some that heard info secondhand, defending Nova’s press conference as a nothing-burger. Shocking.

Nova fans shouldn’t worry though, the Cats will still be in the tournament. It’s nuts. They’re 12-11 and Joe Lunardi LOVES them! People are saying if they win one Big East tournament game they’ll be in. Am I taking crazy pills? This team STINKS! They didn’t win one Big 5 game. ONE! They spent $3 million on them! Jay Wright ain’t walking through that door. Are we basing at large bids on legacy now?

P.S. Does handpicking Kyle Neptune take away from Jay’s legacy? I’m just asking the questions everyone is to scared to.