CJGJ IS BACK! Funny how much of a difference a year makes. He wanted a three year deal last year and now he’s got it:

We needed a DOG on defense. To many puppies. The last time he was here Darius Slay and James Bradberry had career years. So it’s either because of him or Dennard Wilson and we’ll see this season. He can play the nickel spot or safety if the Birds can’t re-sign Avonte Maddox.

People will say he’s injury prone, but he’s had some pretty gnarly injuries. He tore his pec last year in two games and missed part of 2022 with a lacerated kidney. It’s not like his knees are cooked. Howie’s now inked a defensive end, linebacker, and safety in the first 48 hours of free agency to revamp this defense. Not to shabby. God I’m so excited to have an absolute DOG again on this unit:

I won’t lie though this was my first reaction. Wonder if his agent will tweet out another mic drop:

But he started it: