Darius Slay was on The Corner Suite podcast with former Birds CB Steven Nelson and they said this about playing in Philadelphia:

There’s a portion of Eagles fans who think Slay is soft because they view him as some sort of excuse maker, or that he has some whack mentality. He’s a guy who will go on Twitter or some YouTube show and tell you that he played a great game even though the team lost. He’ll do some trolling here and there, go back and forth with the fans occasionally. It’s not atypical athlete behavior in 2024, but it doesn’t really jive with the old school part of the fan base that thinks a veteran captain should be more like Brian Dawkins and less like Kevin Durant. Sometimes the criticism Slay receives is way over the top, and misguided, but his personality and social media presence rub some folks the wrong way.

I watch this clip and hear stuff like “it’s not good for my mental health, I’m stressed out” and “these probably the only fans that got to me before” and I know they’re laughing when they say it, but isn’t it a little cringe? You’re getting booed for a reason, for instance, not being able to stop the Arizona Cardinals at home with the division on the line. What do you think the fans are gonna do, give you a standing ovation? If it’s too much for you, then go play intramurals brotha, as the great Dan Hawkins once said.

We’ve litigated the “playing in Philly” thing a hundred times before. If you play like shit and dog it, you’re gonna get booed. But if you battle and compete and leave it out there, you’ve got lifelong support you’ll never get elsewhere. Ask Jason Kelce.

Anyway, here’s the full episode: