The Eagles are finally switching over to their new wordmark on jerseys for next season, via Fanatics:

Here’s my hot take prediction: The fans will grow to love this wordmark just like they did the last one.

I know our brains are wired in this city to hate change and we did hate the simplistic wordmark, originally.  Then I saw it in the endzone and I thought it wasn’t half bad. It works. Don’t get me wrong, the old wordmark is iconic. It’s synonymous with my childhood. But it’ll always be there when we re-watch Nick Foles’ flea flicker in the NFC Championship game for the 1000th time:

And this is nothing new. I need a historian to let me know this, but don’t you think people back in the 90s hated it when they switched from this one? –

Of course they probably did. The phones at WIP were probably ringing off the hook with calls about new owner Jeffrey Lurie ruining the franchise. There were probably 15 calls just asking, “What does a movie producer know about football????” Outrage is cyclical.