This will be a conference championship week to remember forever! So many upsets, so many bid stealers, Temple makes a Cinderella run to the AAC title game, a coach got fired and then his team won the conference so he’s coaching in the tournament, the Mountain West has more tourney teams than the Big East, and Villanova’s bubble finally burst. The best part was I was there to witness it all at the Garden with my Villanova buddy, Pat, and the craziest Providence fan I’ve ever met:

Walt is a legend! The nicest and most craziest Providence fan I’ve ever met.

The drinks!

I had heard stories about how crazy Providence fans are. I saw they stepped over their own to get a good seat just to motherfuck Ed Cooley, but even I wasn’t prepared for Walt. Sports can be dumb, but they can also be amazing. There’s something about fate that we were going to film a Big East Tournament vlog and our tickets happened to be next to one of the biggest Providence fans in the world who came to the game by himself. An old guy calling 20-year-old kids scumbags just because he’s playing against his team is what makes sports amazing. Providence might be my new Big East team until they let Temple in.

The Garden was awesome! It’s amazing how it’s held up after 50+ years. The Big East tournament is even better. It’s so funny that the wine and cheese crowd on the Main Line mixes in with a bunch of drunk cheese and chowderheads. Enjoy the unemployment line Kyle Neptune!