As you know, when Kyle Lowry flopped for the Raptors, it was reprehensible gamesmanship. But when he flops for the Sixers, it’s veteran savvy. Making the smart play, as you see here:

Now, if we’re being honest, Lowry is underneath the basket when he catches the rocket pass from Tyrese Maxey, who, by the way, has been stellar lately. 30 points in three straight games. Lowry would have had to take a dribble regardless of whether Caleb Martin was on the ground or not, because otherwise he’s pivoting off his left foot for a reverse layup with his right hand. With that caveat noted, I’d like to think that he specifically went to Martin’s side and added the fall just to get the and-1.

It makes too much sense. Knowing Lowry’s record of embellishment, I think the responsible thing to do is give him the benefit of the doubt. Take the video clip at face value. We’re declaring this apex-level shithousery.