The Sixers beat up on the Clippers Sunday in a massive game as they straddle the play-in tournament line. Cam Payne outscored James Harden, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard off the bench. Harden was so bothered by losing to Sixers he didn’t even stick around long enough to be asked about it:

He really wanted this win, huh? Buckle up, Clippers fans. It happens fast. One day he’s happy and the next he’s overseas telling people Lawrence Frank is a liar and getting bottle service in the club with the same message.

His protege outplayed him all game, he had to endure Paul Reed’s name being chanted in his own arena, and his enemy Kelly Oubre was doing this:

That should drive any man insane. He took his frustration out on Maxey and put him in a headlock so vicious I won’t embed the video because it’s so graphic:

He’s playing defense on his own team and putting players in headlocks. When is Adam Silver going to step in? The system is on the fritz!