Jason Kelce has an announcement at 1pm to address his Eagles future. There will be tears:

Something tells me this won’t be a happy announcement. In the age of the athlete with a podcast I’m shocked he’s not announcing it on there to gobble up the ad revenue and downloads. Maybe that’s a point for the “he’s returning” crowd. But Kelce doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to call a press conference to tell everyone he’s coming back, and he’s never done it in the past, but I’m trying to provide any hope possible.

The signs are there though. Travis is in town, too, as they were at a charity event over the weekend:


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The good news is he’s not going anywhere. We’ll see him down in Sea Isle, we could see him calling NFL games, and there’s a good chance he’ll want to be a part of the Eagles organization in some way.

Hell of a career. Hall of Fame player. Hall of Fame dude.