Holy shit that last minute took forever. What a wild sequence. Maxey trips, the Clippers get it within two, the Clippers challenge this was off Kelly Oubre and somehow win:

The Clips pull ahead after an and-1 from Kawhi, Buddy Hield hits a three, another Kawhi and-1, a foul on the Clips with ANOTHER challenge that felt like forever, jump ball between Kawhi and Oubre, Sixers win it, they play hot potato, and Oubre doesn’t even get a shot off before the buzzer. What a sequence. A game they should’ve wrapped up when they were winning 104-99 with under two minutes and didn’t score again until the shot clock was turned off.

At least we got this from Kelly Oubre. We’re not going to need a Jomboy breakdown for this one:

Ya mom’s a bitch. Your dad’s a bitch. Your grandma’s a bitch.

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on an NBA court. All with the “City of Brotherly Love” on his chest.

The Maxey faces during this were all time:

I can’t wait til the NBA has to label this fine.

P.S. There was no shot Tobias was getting this ball: