As you know by now, the Phillies killed dollar dog night and replaced it with BOGO dog night. We’ve all been hoodwinked, bamboozled, and led astray.

But thanks to Christian McGovern, there’s a petition to reinstate DDN, and as of 9:15 a.m. Friday morning it’s already approaching 5,500 signatures.

Writes McGovern:

I am a lifelong resident of Philadelphia and an avid fan of the Phillies. One tradition that has always been close to my heart is the Dollar Dog Night. This event, where hot dogs were sold for just a dollar, was not only an affordable treat but also a symbol of our community spirit.

However, this beloved tradition has been discontinued. The absence of Dollar Dog Night has left many fans like me feeling disconnected from the team we love so much.

The Philadelphia Phillies are more than just a baseball team; they are an integral part of our city’s identity and culture. According to reports from Visit Philly, baseball games have consistently drawn large crowds in our city with over 1.4 million attendees in 2019 alone (Visit Philly). It’s clear that Philadelphians love their baseball and traditions like Dollar Dog Nights play a significant role in fostering this bond between the team and its fans.

Reinstating Dollar Dog Nights would not only bring joy back to many fans but could potentially boost attendance at games as well. It’s time for us to bring back this cherished tradition that means so much to so many people in our community.

Please sign this petition if you believe in restoring the connection between the Philadelphia Phillies and their fans by bringing back Dollar Dog Nights.

I have to agree with Christian. Dollar dog night was indeed a symbol of community spirit. The bond between fan and team has been severed. We need DDN to reconnect to the Phils and go get John Middleton’s trophy back.

I signed the petition and wrote “Hatfield lied, dollar dog night died.” I encourage you to sign as well:

Reinstate Philadelphia Phillies Dollar Dog Night