Listen, I love Pat Bev because he plays with an edge, but disrespecting Nick Nurse like this at the end of the game was corny:

Shout out to Mo Bamba for stepping in there and swatting that away. Best reaction time we’ve seen all season.

Something tells me that Pat Bev thinks the Sixers’ struggles are because they don’t have Pat Bev. It’s not that they’ve missed a stretch with the league MVP and Tyrese Maxey. It’s because Pat Bev was traded for Cam Payne and they signed Kyle Lowry to replace him. I mean, he circled the date for god’s sake:

But why would he be so upset with Nick? If he found Daryl Morey in the crowd and flipped the ball to him, I’d think it was a great chess play! Deserved, you could argue:

Pat Bev has been on some weirdo behavior since he left. Especially for a city that was so good to him and an organization he embraced. Sometimes you wonder when he gets on a mic if he’s just doing this stuff to make headlines and sell the pod. How else can you explain him saying the difference between Philly and Milwaukee is everyone wants to win in Milwaukee when he’d only been there for a week?

Then be caught saying this on the pod two months earlier lol:

He should be dapping up the entire Sixers organization for putting him in a better position.

And now we’ve got two conflicting arguments! The plot thickens! Pat’s co-host says he didn’t toss the ball to Nick Nurse and the company he works for is saying he did. An ‘ol he said/she said standoff happening on the Internet:

I’m on team he tossed the ball to Nick Nurse.