The Zack Wheeler extension is done, according to Buster Olney:

No dollar amounts reported anywhere yet, but will update when that’s public. What’s our guess? 4 years, $150 million? 5 years, $175?

EDIT – here it is:

So they go high on the AAV and lower on the term length. Three years takes Wheeler to age 37. Not bad at all. He’s on the final year of a deal that pays about $23.5 million. As some people like to say, “it’s not our money.”

It was only about three weeks ago that Wheeler told reporters his agent was discussing a contract extension with the Phils. Really nice to see this taken care of before the regular season begins. He never seemed like a flight risk, but it’s reassuring to have this finished instead of having to wait all year long like the Aaron Nola situation.

Now we can get to the next order of business, which is telling Scott Boras and Bryce Harper to chill with the extension talks. You still have eight years remaining. Just relax with that.