The Crackers at Shipley baseball ran into AB in a Florida airport. There were more “Go Birds” in this video than in Jetro on gameday:

The generational run continues.

CTESPN is the hottest media company in the country right now. Everyone wants to know who AB’s Cracker of the Day is going to be next:

It’s a bastion of honor for white people. This was what it used to be like to wait an entire SportsCenter back in the day to see who was #1 on Top 10 plays.

And you can’t tell me CTESPN isn’t a legit media brand. They’re expanding:

They’re breaking major sports news:

It takes a real businessman to be able to build a brand off of his brain disease. Susan G. Komen would be proud.

Now is AB kind of a piece of shit that does piece of shit things off the field? Of course. But name me a media mogul who isn’t an asshole. I’ve never seen Rupert Murdoch yapping it up with poors in the airport terminal. CTESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Crackers.