There’s no recovering from a child stuffing your organization in a locker. John Mara might as well pack up the franchise and move it to St. Louis. It’s one thing to lose your best running back in a decade to your division rival. It’s another to be so bad that little kids even know how incompetent you are:

There’s zero chance Saquon’s daughter would’ve given Daniel Jones $30 million a year.

This makes it official. She’s an Eagle for life. Long after he’s done playing here we’ll still have this clip of her cooking the Giants. And she ain’t wrong. They won 34 games in Saquon’s six seasons there and with one playoff game. The Eagles in that same span had 56 wins and three playoff wins including a Super Bowl appearance. Numbers never lie. All Saquon’s daughter knows is if you wear Giant Blue you’re a bona fide loser.

The video has already found it’s way to Giants Twitter and they are getting triggered by a child. The reactions are amazing:

I can’t believe no one tweeted his daughter that it was on sight next time they were in MetLife. These idiots are letting a four year old get under their skin. Just a completely unserious fanbase. Your GM gave Daniel Jones $30 million. Dave Gettleman drafted him #2 overall when the league was shifting away from blue chip running backs. What’s he supposed to do? Refuse to play for the team because it was a reach? You’re mad at Saquon for leaving, but the call is coming from inside the house!