If you get a boner for urban planning and operations, boy do I have a blog for you. The Sixers released a revised plan for their final civic design review via the city’s Planning Commission. It features a promenade that’ll be open during non-gamedays with restaurants and retail and it shows how the Sixers staff are going to get our asses in and out the door quickly and efficiently:

That’s a lot of retail.

If you’ve ever been to TD Garden in Boston, you know this is the downtown stadium the Sixers are trying to emulate. Retail, retail, retail. Boston does a good job with it. It’s got bars and restaurants that line Canal and Causeway street and a promenade. If these plans go through, you won’t have any trouble finding something to do before and after the game. Do I see 76 Place becoming a hot spot on the weekends when nothing is going on? No. But it’ll be a good spot for lunch as more businesses are requiring their employees to come in. Seven years from now, who knows what working in Philly is like, but for now a couple bites to eat and a pop or two after work before the game is right up my alley.

This split about how they expect fans to travel surprised me:

40% is still pretty high for downtown and 10% of people heading there by Uber seems low. I think we’re underestimating the laziness of humans. Don’t get me wrong, Philly is walkable and bike-able so maybe there will be more people willing to walk to the games when the weather is nice. But during the winter time those Uber numbers will increase and add to the car flow. Is 40% public transit a pipe dream? It’ll be interesting. I already know people who have vowed to never get on the R5 out of fear and that’s one of the best lines this area has.   think over time that thought will change. I went down to Phillies games riding the R5 to Fern Rock and taking the subway to CBP so it felt natural to go to games that way at a young age. You’d think maybe the Main Line or Delco would dip their toe into it if they fix up the El. You gotta think SEPTA will at least become competent enough to be an effective form of travel to these games now that a couple of billionaires are holding their feet to the fire.

This is how the Sixers are going to get butts in seats:

 You have three entrances. The main one on Market and then two on 10th and 11th streets.

Postgame, 10th and 11th street will move from two lanes down to one and the sidewalks will be expanded for pedestrians for an hour after an event:


So there it is. The new major tweaks for 76 Place for the final design review. Gotta be honest, I just want a decision so we can stop talking about it.