We’ve got South Jersey hoops controversy here on What up Wednesdays, yo! What up, Bruno? What up, Mayes?

The Camden/Manasquan game, which would send the winner to the NJ state group championship, ended in controversy after a Manasquan player’s buzzer beater was originally counted but ended up being waved off. You can see clear as day the Manasquan player got it off with around one second left on the clock.

Here’s the video:

Everyone wants the refs’ heads on a spike and I don’t blame them. How do they count the basket and then wave it off? On what grounds? We were looking at one of the biggest upsets in NJ basketball history for two minutes. People are crying conspiracy like this is an inside job because Camden is a state powerhouse. Everyone’s got a tinfoil hat on. Not me. I’m on Camden’s side here. I understand that a game comes down to a bunch of plays and not just one. I’m fine with Camden winning. Manasquan should’ve never left the game in the referee’s hands. You want to play at Rutgers on Saturday? Don’t blow a 13 point lead and score zero points in the fourth and there is no controversy. Life’s tough, get a helmet:

I’m starting to think this Manasquan team is poorly coached and never deserved to be in that position anyway. I mean this last second sequence is gross. Why is this kid throwing up a prayer double-teamed with three seconds left on the clock?

Imagine if the Eagles squandered a 13-point lead and were boned on a last second replay call when the tip of the ball clearly crossed the goal line. You think the story would be the Birds blew it? Absolutely not. We’d have people calling into WIP for the next week talking about not letting the refs decide the ball game.

I can’t lie though, this is a great quote from the Manasquan coach. If only he could’ve drawn up a play for a basket in the fourth quarter, via Matt Manley at Shore Sports Network:

“They reversed the call,” Manasquan coach Andrew Bilodeau said. “The referee in the C position in the middle signaled ‘basket’s good,’ they huddled up and then 15 kids got screwed in front of 1,000 people. Print that. Print it five times. Those three guys huddled up and they screwed these kids in front of 1,000 people and that video will be on the internet for everyone to see.