The Fighting Billy Langes! The one-bid league might get multiple teams in the tourney now that they could be dancing on Hawk Hill. They took down #1 seed Rich-what? Richmond earlier today:

This team is starting to play like the one many thought they were going to be when they won the Big 5 Championship. A team led by tough guards from Philly and Erik Reynolds, who is a walking bucket.

A. Walking. Bucket.

If you’re looking for a team from Philly with the best chance to make the Big Dance, this is the one. They’re fun! They’ll also give you a heart attack. Do you like double-digit deficits, poor shots, and a team full of dogs that never say die? Of course you do! You’re a Philly sports fan. That’s this team. When it’s nut cutting time they rise to the top. Hold that L!

I’ll even be pulling for them even though Billy Lange opened the gym for Ben Simmons when he was on his sabbatical. People don’t forget! THWND!