Anthony is down at CBP for Opening Day and mentioned that the Phillies added a 2023 flag. Here’s a good shot of it from Tim Kelly:

Uh… alright? They put the 2022 flag up there because they went to the World Series and won the pennant. That’s standard. You do it for winning a World Series or a division (the white flags), but the Phils didn’t actually win anything last season. They won a Wild Card round and the NLDS round. They made a deep playoff run, but that’s it. I guess the thinking is that it’s consistent with the other flags representing every other playoff appearance.

Anthony sent over another pic:

Kinda hard to tell, but the World Series banners are over to the right. 1980 and 2008. Then the group of pennant, division, and now wild card flags are to the left.

I personally think this is kind of lame, but as a counterargument, you could point out that there’s a 2011 flag flying, to signify the division win, but the Phillies exited in the NLDS. Is that a more flag-worthy achievement than going to Game 7 of the NLCS as a wild card team last year?

What do you think?