The Sixers are on a two-game winning streak, one a gimme against the hapless Charlotte Hornets, but the other a quality Sunday road win in Dallas:

Great performances from Tobi. 63.2% from the floor, 59 points, 8-14 from three with 17 rebounds, five assists, and only one turnover since the calendar flipped to March.

What’s the fan and media response? Are we applauding Harris for playing well? Getting him a Crumbl cookie? Or is it one of those things where you shrug and say, “this is what’s expected when you’re a 39 million dollar player“? You can probably give credit where it’s due while at the same time being underwhelmed. Harris has played 11 games since Joel Embiid went down, and while he was recovering from an illness and hip issue himself, he’s only been above-average in maybe 4-5 of those games. Sure, he’s grabbed his 15 or 17 points on a couple of occasions, but that’s what he does when Embiid is on the floor. The whole point of the elevated griping is that fans/media look to Tobias to raise his game when Joel is out, which had not happened until Friday night and Sunday afternoon. He took over in Dallas. He scored the most points and took the most shots. He had the ball in his hands and hit some clutch shots late. Bang bang. That’s exactly what the Sixers need. If “March Tobi” is a thing, then this ship remains afloat until Embiid comes back.