The Union scratched out a LATE 1-1 draw in Kansas City on Saturday night, and by late, we mean the game’s final minute:

Great finish from Alejandro Bedoya on the rebound. That’s not easy to do. Most guys’ eyes light up and they blast it into the 20th row. Instead, he buried it and got pelted with drinks.

But this was a CONTROVERSIAL goal because in the sequence leading up to it, the scab refs, who are currently standing in for the locked-out real refs, missed a call in which the ball went out off a Union player:

This is a quintessential “more than one thing can be true” moment. Did the scab refs screw it up? Yeah, they did. The ball clearly goes off Mikael Uhre. You can see the body language and use your own two eyes to confirm.

The other thing that’s true is that KC had multiple opportunities to snuff out the danger, but did not:

  1. Nemanja Radoja (#6) has two opportunities to win back the ball, and can’t
  2. Memo Rodriguez (#8) is right there, kind of puts in a half-challenge from behind
  3. Radoja then heads a low cross attempt directly into the middle of the field
  4. Jacob Davis gets a foot on the ball, but it spins up into the air
  5. Tim Leibold hustles back, but the ball goes out off of him for a corner
  6. GK Tim Melia is unimpeded, and doesn’t get much on his punch clearance
  7. Bedoya scores on the rebound

It’s hard to feel bad for KC because they had a bunch of opportunities after the bad call. They also couldn’t extend their 1-0 lead despite playing at home against a Union team that was heavily rotating the lineup after a tough mid-week Champions Cup shitshow at Subaru Park. Better luck next time!