I wish there was better video of this, but after Tuesday night’s loss to the Sixers, OKC’s Chet Holmgren chucked the ball across the floor and drilled TNT reporter Jared Greenberg right in the dome. Credit goes to @ejaguado for this video:

Not in the face!

Greenberg confirmed that he got absolutely clocked:

Is this assault? Will the NBA fine Holmgren $50,000 for endangering the safety of others? Larry Krasner is racing down to the Wells Fargo Center to not press charges.  Holmgren owes Greenberg a scoop or two as recompense for his injuries. Then Holmgren is banned from the arena permanently and can’t play in the 2024 NBA Finals between the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder. Sixers +1200 to win the conference btw on New Jersey sportsbook apps, if you care to sprinkle.