Fire up the YouTube. Grab the edibles. AJ Brown is again asking the questions. Today it’s “Why have we’ve (sic) never seen the eclipse from outer space?” –

Disregard the grammar. When you’ve got 100 milligrams in your system you’re basically Jordan Belfort on some ludes. I can’t even tweet correctly after a couple beers.

It’s not the offseason until AJ Brown is asking existential questions. It’s like when the groundhog sees its shadow or the NBA season before Christmas. You can’t even think of spring or how the Sixers started until after both events occur. Now that AJ Brown is diving into YouTube eclipse wormholes we can calculate that the NFL draft is right around the corner.

Last year it was the Ethiopian calendar:

Two years ago it was about living in a globe or something and that we actually have never been to the moon:

Good news for AJ is that you can actually see an eclipse from space. On YouTube too. Here’s what it looked like a couple days ago:

So it’s good to see we’re back on schedule. I mean, listen, would I rather my wide receiver be in his house safe, eating galactic gummies, or drag racing in a Lambo and leaving the scene? All this guy does is sleep, train, and think all offseason. I smell a First Team All-Pro campaign around the corner.

You ever think he tries to have these conversations with Jalen? I can’t imagine those going anywhere.

“Jalen do you think the Earth is flat?”

“The Earth had a purpose before anyone ever had an opinion.”

End scene.