The Philly Captain was on Crossing Broadcast Thursday and basically called me a fraud for caring so much about Dollar Dog Night:

Before we get into it, Dollar Dog Night tailgate is next Tuesday April 16th at 5pm in Lot G.

All proceeds go to Philabundance:

Now back to the Captain.

Nobody working in the stadium likes Dollar Dog Night? No shit. Do I feel bad for the Aramark workers? Sure. It’s gotta suck making no money while getting boned on your health benefits and staring at a line of 200 people waiting for dogs as the grill is backed up. That would suck. But you know what? I didn’t like when the truck would unload 20 pallets of pens and pencils during “Back to School Month” at Staples in high school. I hated recruiting college kids at a conference when there would be a 200 person line and everyone asked the same fucking question. It’s work. No one likes work. Especially when you’re working for a soul sucking corporation like Aramark that doesn’t care about their people and only shareholder’s pockets. Funny enough, I was going to reach out to Aramark to see if they’d let me work a DDN before they made it into a BOGO Night. I wanted to be in the trenches with the people. Learn their plight. See what it was like:

Now, did the Captain ever take a moment to think that the reason why this works and we’re going on year 3 is because enough people love Dollar Dog Night? Of course he didn’t. I’m starting to think he’s a spy for John Middleton, who he referenced as his friend, later in the broadcast. The promotion lasted three decades and two stadiums for a reason. It’s become a national phenomenon for good and worse. Have I been a driving force behind it? Of course. Is it a bit? Not entirely. I genuinely like DDN. A lot of people do. I can’t go anywhere down at the stadiums or at a bar without someone shouting, “Bring Dollar Dog Night back!” or “Dollar Dog Night guy!” The people love it. The Captain will say the hot dogs are garbage, but why do you think people like dollar beer specials at bars? It’s not the flavor!

The reason I’ve kept my foot on the Phillies’ necks when it comes to DDN is because I don’t like the suits in the Phillies organization. The bean counters. I don’t think they understand the entirety of the fanbase and overreact at the first sign of negative press (wish they would’ve done that for the City Connect jersey). I will stick it to them every chance I get because I think they’re hypocrites. You can’t poo poo fans getting rowdy at DDN and then turn around and praise “FOUR HOURS OF HELL!” in the playoffs when fans are calling Spencer Strider a pussy. Not to mention, the operations were a complete joke and Aramark/Phils knew they didn’t have enough staff or want to pay staff to work it. John Weber admitted they’ve been looking to get rid of it for years now before the throwing even occurred:


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If the Phils were in the middle of a playoff drought, do they cancel DDN? Probably not. But they can right now because the seats are already sold. They’ve made their money. They’ll make more in the playoffs again. They don’t need DDN until the Phillies suck again and they revive it and get great press for nostalgia reasons even though they’re the ones who killed it in the first place.

Maybe by then Aramark will take care of their employees