The Phillies avoided a sweep on Sunday afternoon thanks to an overturned third out and late comeback. The Braves announcers talked about booing and had themselves a little chuckle:

Brandon Gaudin: “I really do enjoy the boos, it just makes it fun. This place more than any other. One way or another. It’s either against your team. Or your team. Or the opponent. Just boo everyone… even on Easter. No let up, doesn’t matter. They might have booed Christ after the resurrection, I don’t know, I wasn’t there that day.”

Goober is joking, but I disagree with the hypothetical. I think Phillies fans, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Atheist alike would have given Christ a standing ovation, because they love a good comeback story. A good underdog story. Jesus faced a lot of adversity. And while my mostly-nonexistent Bible study is admittedly very rusty, I think Jesus foreshadowed his own resurrection, right? He basically called his shot. He was the anti-Matt Hasselbeck, who won the overtime coin flip and incorrectly predicted that the Seahawks would go on to score. Hasselbeck was a false prophet, but Jesus was not. He told everybody what was going to happen, and that’s exactly what happened (according to Christian faith). That’s something Philly respects.

Jesus would have done well in Philadelphia because he was a humble guy who basically did what he said he was going to do. He didn’t dog it out there. He didn’t pass up a wide-open dunk in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Now that’s something worth booing.