Not sure if you noticed this over the weekend, but Bryce Harper on Saturday wore the old cream jersey instead of the new one:

The nameplate is the giveaway. In the first photo, you see Nick Castellanos with the curvature on the nameplate and then on second base Bryce has the linear horizontal look. That’s the old version, before Fanatics started manufacturing the 2024 Nike design.

I went into our photo service and looked at Sunday’s game to see if I could pull a picture or two, and this is what he was wearing for the POOP series finale against the Yinzers:

This photo is from Eric Hartline at USA Today and it does look like the nameplate curves a bit. Kind of hard to tell just by color alone, but when you look at the intricacies in the uniform, for instance, the placement of the MLB logo above the nameplate vs. right underneath the collar, you see he wore the old jersey Saturday and new jersey Sunday. And, somewhat ironically, if you look at Trea Turner in the photo above, you can see the outline of a P on his undershirt, showing through the jersey. Some of the players, not all, but definitely a good portion, think the new uniforms stink and prefer the old ones.

Speaking of old C.R.E.A.M. –