No brainer, lock him up:

Rap Sheet got the word from DeVonta’s agent. He says it’s a 3-year, $75M contract extension that includes $51M guaranteed.

It’s funny because these tweets will never not make me laugh:

“Sources say.” Then Rap Sheet goes on to reveal the source in the next sentence. The source is the agent that he tagged, from the agency that is also tagged. I’m surprised he wasn’t asked to say something nice about the agent, like calling him a “wide receiver guru” or something along those lines. Note, as well, that Schefter didn’t have this news, so maybe he’s not super tight with Klutch, or this particular guy.

Anyway, Smitty is going into the fourth year of his rookie deal and hits the cap at $6.4 million this season. The fifth-year trigger, which is mentioned in the Eagles’ tweet, pays him $15.5 million next year. They’ve really dedicated quite a bit of money to the QB, WR1, and WR2 position, so you know what that means. Four verticals! Gotta use these guys if you’re going to pay them.


Be on the lookout, however, for fake news tweets from people saying you need to trade A.J. Brown at some point. They’ll try to manufacture some bullshit about not being able to pay two WR studs at the same time, or that there aren’t enough targets to go around, or there’s going to be hurt feelings, or something like that. Brace yourself, because you know it’s coming.

(At face value, let’s take it for what it is – the Eagles now have two of the best WRs to ever wear the uniform under contract. Howie will figure out the cap stuff. He’ll restructure and use his credit card aka dummy years)