It wouldn’t be the Sixers without someone ruining the vibes of a gutsy comeback win with a burner. This account, @JimmySmits3273, had people wondering if it was Tobias Harris or someone closely linked to him. Whoever it is just made the account in April 2024 and has been responding to tweets defending Tobias Harris for the last 12 hours. If you know anything about Sixers fans, there is no one who defends Tobias Harris especially as passionate as this guy does. So right there tells you something is off. Here’s what we have from screenshots before the account deleted every single tweet and went private and blocked everyone who followed them. Thanks to Chris for tipping us off to this:

Once people discovered the alleged burner, all the tweets were deleted an hour later. Something is afoot!

Lets get to the account first. People have looked at the last four numbers “3273” in the handle. Some have wondered if that’s a birthdate. March 2nd, 1973. That would place the person in charge at 51 years old. Tobi has four brothers. His dad is only 64 and didn’t have a son at 13 as far as I know. Maybe this is an uncle? Another theory, which makes a stronger case, is that Tobi wore 33 when he first got to the Sixers. “3273”. Do with that information what you wish.

Lets get to the tweets. Going back and cross-referencing the replies, they all were sent after the game. Roughly from midnight to a little over 2am. Enough time to shower, do media, eat, and head back to your home and search your name on Twitter to see what people were saying about you if you were that kind of person. Here’s one criticizing fans for acknowledging Batum’s performance that saved the season:

They keep going from there. Notice no one has tagged Tobi in any of these. You’d have to search your name on Twitter to find everything:

Was Jimmy Smits in the building last night? Did they happen to be in the family section? Were they on the floor and heard fans shouting to JJ during a timeout or when they were on the bench in the 4th quarter? Seems like Jimmy was close to JJ Reddick and the ESPN announcing table all game. How else would they know Sixers fans were calling for JJ’s name the whole time? Not to mention the racial insinuations of these tweet which someone would think is coming from someone who isn’t white. I’m going to need someone to zapruder the game film and see if we can locate some Harris’ in attendance:

This tweet is interesting to me and probably the best evidence to exonerate Tobi. JimmySmits replies to a popular Sixers Twitter account about “expecting this from fans, but not the media.” Tobi is a smart guy. He knows what media members he talks to every day and he knows the difference between “NBA Twitter” and the media. The person behind this account clearly thinks this person is a part of the media because they have 14k+ followers. I just can’t see a NBA veteran whose been here for six years making this mistake:

A couple of tweets are interesting because they single out Kelly Oubre for only having seven points:

Remember, Harris’ dad was Oubre’s agent and was fired, via Gina Mizell at the Inky (but took responsibility) –

As the process lingered, Oubre fired agent Torrel Harris (the father and agent of Sixers forward Tobias Harris) but took responsibility for his “subpar” communication because “I needed to figure myself out. I needed to be whole, so that I could bring my all.”

Wonder if there is some sour grapes still looming in the Harris household.

So after Jimmy Smits deleted every tweet he kept his likes public. There were two liked tweets. One centered around Jimmy Butler’s “Tobias Harris over me?” jab after the 2022 playoffs and the other chided Jimmy for getting hurt during the game and leaving the arena:

And another referencing Jimmy limping back to Miami:

That’s all we have for now. Would love any new information people might have as this comes out. I think in the original BurnerGate people traced the account back to Brian Colangelo’s wife because her phone number was linked to her account in the “Forgot My Password” page.

h/t to reader Chris for putting us on to this 

Kinkead – What if it’s actually Jimmy Smits himself?