People laughed at this, but I dunno:

Thanks Prime! Thanks for putting the Eagles on the list.

The quotes are from the New York Post, sourced to a podcast appearance:

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders said his son, Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders, and cornerback/wide receiver Travis Hunter are prepared to pull an Eli Manning depending on the situation when they declare for the 2025 NFL Draft.

During a recent appearance on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, Sanders — who previously said his son and Hunter will spend the 2024 season with Colorado before declaring for the draft — explained he knows where he wants them to play and “certain cities” are off the table.

“Top four,” the Hall of Fame cornerback said Friday when asked where he thinks Shedeur and Travis will be selected. “Anywhere from one through four. One of them is going to be [number] one… And the latter one will not go behind four.

“Now, all of this is subjective because I know where I kinda want them to go, and let’s not forget [Buffaloes safety] Shilo [Sanders], but I know where I want them to go. So, there are certain cities that ain’t gonna happen… It’s going to be an Eli. We ain’t doing it.”

I’m listening back to this right now, because I wanted to see if Deion was being facetious or serious. He was being serious.

Because I feel this way: Sanders and Hunter are very talented, but the Coach Prime shit is a little worn out right now. It was tons of fun at the beginning of last season, but we’re in a holding pattern for the time being. Why? Because Deion won four total games last year and finished on a six-game losing streak. He’s in a new conference this season and has to go to Nebraska and Colorado State in weeks 2 and 3. Not murderer’s row, mind you, but a couple of tricky rivalry games on the road. Let’s see if these kids he’s bringing through the transfer portal can play. Then, if you go at least 6-6 and qualify for a bowl game, you’re allowed to start declaring where your kids can go in the NFL.

I know Deion is Deion, but we can’t be encouraging people to pull an Eli Manning, or, even worse, a Cutter Gauthier.