At ESPN, there’s a triple byline story from Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham, and Jeremy Fowler titled ‘Voted off the island’: Inside Bill Belichick’s failed job huntThe Eagles are mentioned several times, notably in this passage here:

…Owners and executives, even on teams that didn’t have openings, discussed hiring Belichick. Among them were the Eagles, who were coming off a disappointing finish one year after a narrow Super Bowl loss. Owner Jeffrey Lurie and general manager Howie Roseman, both Belichick fans, still strongly believed in their current head coach, Nick Sirianni, who over a stretch went 26-5. But Lurie thought it was worth asking a confidant of his about Belichick. A source close to Belichick said the coach would have been interested.

Roseman told ESPN he had a conversation with Belichick, a check-in to see how the coach was doing after he was out in New England. A source close to Belichick confirmed there was no talk during the call about working for the Eagles.

Still, there was chatter in league circles that Philadelphia and Belichick could be a match. Despite some owners and executives believing the game had passed Belichick by, the Eagles felt he still had his fastball; he had nearly beaten them in the 2023 season opener with an inferior team. There’s also a belief that Belichick will coach only until he gets 15 more wins, enough to pass Don Shula as the winningest coach in NFL history. Though not seriously considering a move, Lurie wondered to a confidant: Was it worth overhauling the building, changing personnel and philosophies on everything from training staff to salary cap structure, for someone who might coach only two years?

“You’ll have to start over again,” said a source with firsthand knowledge of the Eagles’ thinking. “Who would replace him? He hasn’t had a good record of developing coaches. They were afraid that he’ll have changed everything and every person, and [then] you’ll be starting from scratch again. He didn’t demand those changes, but they felt like, if we hire him, we have to give everything to him and trust how he does it.”

That last sentence sticks out to me.

How much control would Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie be willing to relinquish? They’ve got a good thing going with this blueprint of bringing in first-time coaches and handling player-personnel and being involved as a GM and owner. It’s gotten them to two Super Bowls since 2018, and if you think about it, Belichick is much closer to Chip Kelly than Doug Pederson or Nick Sirianni. I doubt that it’s something that Howie and Jeffrey wanted to do in 2024, the thought of conceding too much to a veteran head coach who may or may not be washed. Add to the fact that Sirianni has won a lot of games here in a short amount of time, and it feels like the Belichick thing might have been jumping the gun a bit, maybe putting the cart before the horse. I would say “we’ll see,” but we won’t see because Belichick didn’t get a job anywhere. It’s kind of hard to believe. Imagine saying that 10 years ago, that Bill Belichick would be available and nobody would hire him.