Fletcher Cox did his retirement presser on Tuesday and brought the entire fam:

Yeah that’s pretty sick. They were there with you when the story began, so they should be there when the story ends. That’s a quality, full-circle moment.

Fletch’s press conference was rather subdued, though anything would seem subdued compared to how Jason Kelce went out. Cox did have some emotional moments, and said that the retirement decision was not easy:

“I knew at some point in my career it was time for me to retire from the NFL. It comes with a lot of emotions. This game physically and mentally can take a toll on you and I’ve enjoyed it at the highest level. I’ve been at the highest level, and at that point I felt like I gave this game all that I could give. The game has given to me back. I’ve been part of the highs and part of the lows in this league and I’ve enjoyed it all.”

He said a lot of good things on his way out. He noted that Philly is tough to play for, and that you need thick skin to play here. He thanked all of his previous coaches, mentors, basically everyone who played a role in his career. He credited the media for being a conduit to the fans. Cox noted that his ability to make it out of small town Yazoo City should serve as an example for Mississippi kids that they can find success as well. He mentioned that retirement started to enter his mind before this most-recent season, and spoke of the importance in playing his entire pro career in the same city.

His resume really is incredible. Super Bowl champion. First-team All-Pro. 3x second-team All-Pro. 6x Pro Bowls. He was named to the 2010s All-Decade Team and the 2012 All-Rookie Team. He was a first-team All-American at Mississippi State and first-team All SEC. He made 519 NFL tackles, sacked the quarterback 70 times, forced 16 fumbles, and scored three defensive touchdowns. He hit the quarterback 173 times and logged 88 tackles for loss. Just a force on the interior for a full decade-plus. In my mind, he’s the best Eagle’s defensive lineman not named Reggie White. I don’t think that’s a hot take necessarily, since most people would likely be in agreement. He’s certainly the best DT in franchise history. And he never missed games, which was crazy. Only once ever did he play fewer than 15.

Hell of a career for Fletcher Cox. It was a pleasure watching him. Here’s the full presser if you missed it: