The Flyers will have their goalie tandem locked up for next year:

Fedotov was only going to be under contract until July 1st so the Flyers wanted to get to this quick.

What a career with the Flyers so far for Fedotov. Pulled from practice by Russian police, forced into a military camp to serve his time in the army, didn’t play for an entire season, comes to Philly overnight out of nowhere, and now it looks like he’s going to call it home for the next two years. Hockey might have the most insane international incidents of the four major sports.

Fedotov got three games of action giving up 4.95 goals a game and posting a SV% of .811. Not great numbers, but definitely something you can’t blame a guy who was under abnormal circumstances and who had very little time to get acclimated to the NHL.

Can he give us some backup minutes at center on Thursday, though?