Remember this guy? He’s in the division now:

Phillips was with Buffalo this past season. He’s the guy who jumped offside during the tush push, which Jason Kelce thought was dirty and done to take a free shot at a teammate.

Said Kelce at the time:

“Well, you know the one play was a quarterback sneak, and I think teams are really trying to stop that play. They talk about it all week. I’m sure they labeled it as some of level of toughness to stop the play. I thought it was bullshit at the time, I really did. And I said so to the official on the field, I said I’ve been running that play a lot of years. I’ve seen people jump offsides. He made zero effort to stop after he jumped offsides. He purposely tried to hurt Cam Jurgens. I thought it should have been a personal foul…. I thought that play in particular was absolutely a disgrace that the NFL should not allow.”

Not only that, but Phillips got into it with a fan in the stands and there were multiple instances of him being a doucher on the field:

Phillips said he confronted the fan because of threatening comments made about his family. Fan ultimately denied that.

Regardless, Jordan Mailata needs to deliver a pancake of epic proportions when the Birds and Giants meet up this season. Serve a nice big flapjack.