This is a good tweet:

A.I. is the latest Sixer to get a statue at the training complex. He’ll join Charles Barkley, Wilt Chamberlain, Mo Cheeks, Billy Cunningham, Dr. J, Hal Greer, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, and Dolph Schayes.

Some thoughts on the possibilities:

  • crossover: too generic
  • dunk: how many people knew A.I. for his dunks?
  • MVP: don’t think you can have a statue of someone holding a statue
  • iconic photoshoot: cool, but doesn’t work in this format
  • the stepover: symbolic, but an overrated Philly sports moment

Hand to ear is the only choice. 100%. Works perfect in statue form and it’s an image that everyone connects to A.I. You can’t do the stepover because the Sixers went on to lose the next four games, so in my mind a statue of the stepover immortalizes a gentleman’s sweep for the LA Lakers. It doesn’t fit. In a singular vacuum, it was a great moment, especially on that particular night, but the way the rest of the series went, that sequence loses a lot of luster.

Hand to ear, or we riot. Organized groups of Sixers fans will DESCEND on the practice complex!