Wrestlemania this weekend in Philly:

The Ninja Kidz is apparently some YouTube show with 21 million subscribers. They do action skits and whatnot.

The consensus seems to be that this set is cool, but kind of small, or at least underwhelming compared to recent Wrestlemanias in Dallas and LA. Lincoln Financial Field isn’t as big as SoFi or Jerry World, so it is what it is in a sense, but maybe they could have done a physical bell. I see that mentioned in comments. The bell shows up on the video screen in the middle but it’s really the huge X and huge L that serve as the centerpieces for this set.

This comment from a guy named Kaujaun made me laugh:

“I like the set! Yall bitch about everything, good lord. The fuck yall want them to do go to Egypt and dig the fucking pyramids outta the ground and put them on the stage? Lol I like it, it’s gonna look great and yall will come to like it down the line, like you sheep always do.”

Hey listen, at the end of the day, if the entertainment delivers, and they go out and put on a show, no one will care about the set. And that’s the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so.*

*Admittedly, our collective wrestling knowledge at CB is somewhat low, hence the lack of Wrestlemania coverage this week. Now, if you wanna talk about ECW Barely Legal 1997, then pull up a chair, son, and let me tell you about the good old days.