If you’re a Sixers fan in New York do me a favor and make the Knicks pay for giving us the location of their playoff phone booth. This is located outside the Kith store on the corner of Bleecker & Lafayette in SoHo. Feel free to leave pro-Sixers messaging, dress it up with Sixers stickers, the works:

Anything goes in the playoffs.

This would be like when Philly fans bought up all the extra tickets for Game 3 against the DBacks. Not the greatest example sure looking back at the results, but it was one of the funniest and pettiest things this fanbase has ever done. We have to get back to the cocky Philly sports fan. I feel like the Eagles collapse after starting 10-1, the Phillies NLCS collapse, the Flyers collapse at the end of the season, and Joel Embiid’s injury have made us all on edge. I feel like we’re afraid to love again. I’m right there with you. Watching that play-in game didn’t give me much hope for a title run. But who cares. Sports are supposed to be fun. Lose yourself in the moment and root for this team with everything you got until the last seconds tick off the season.

Plus the Phils have won 7/10, the Eagles are going to have the best offense in football, and the Sixers haven’t lost in April. We gotta get the cocky/distraught meter flipped to cocky. Life in Philly is much better as a sports fan when we steal the SKOL chant and turn it into FOLES. Infiltrate this phone booth like Colin Farrell and refuse to give up your position:

We’ve already got Knicks fans on the brink: