I was sitting here minding my own business just watching ESPN waiting for the Phillies to start when all of a sudden Tim Bontemps comes on the screen and says Jalen Brunson, out of nowhere, took a shot at Temple after shoot-around at the Liacouras Center:

What a complete lack of self-awareness. Do the Brunson’s know the Internet exists?

First, Temple, the sixth most winningest team in college basketball history mind you, has made two Final Fours (1956 & 1958). Who could forget those legendary teams? Second, what foot does Jalen Brunson have to stand on talking about Temple? You were supposed to go to Temple until your dad used Patrick Ewing’s name while he was trying to get a rub and tug.

For anyone that wants to do some pre-game reading via Mike Kern at the Inky:

THE DETAILS of the charges against former Temple standout Rick Brunson – who, according to sources, was about to be offered a job as an assistant coach on Fran Dunphy’s staff – have been released.

He was arrested and charged late last month with attempted sexual assault and aggravated battery after an April 2 incident with a massage therapist at a Chicago athletic center.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported there was a confrontation during that appointment, resulting in a series of sex-based criminal charges. Brunson, 42, is accused of touching the masseuse inappropriately, police said.

The Chicago Tribune first reported yesterday that, according to Vernon Hills, Ill., police records, Brunson used the name of former NBA great Patrick Ewing to book a massage with the alleged victim, a fitness-center employee who had given him 10 to 20 massages over a 3-year period when he was “always using his own name.”

According to police, the victim said she was “surprised” to see Brunson when she walked into the massage room. She said Brunson acknowleged to her that he had booked the massage under a different name, because she had told him in 2013 that she would not massage him anymore. The two had exchanged text messages over the holidays in December, according to the police documents. Still, she “reluctantly” agreed to massage him since he was already there. And already undressed.

The woman complained to her manager several days later, prompting the human resources department to investigate. Brunson’s club membership was revoked on April 9.

Temple officials declined to comment. So has Brunson, despite several attempts. While sources said that no official offer had been made, indications were he was about to be hired.

We were so close to climax. There were rumors Brunson was expected to be the successor to Fran Dunphy. Instead Brunson opens up his recruitment and sticks it to the Owls and signs with their bitter rival Villanova. It’s a dirty, dirty world out there:

The Knicks then took a page out of Temple’s playbook. When Jalen was a free agent and hired Rick for a Knicks bench spot AFTER he was forced to resign from the Timberwolves because a media member accused him of misconduct. The Knicks ended up losing a second round pick for tampering.

Fran Dunphy:


The funniest part? You’d never know the arrest ever happened if you only took a look at Rick Brunson’s Wikipedia page. Because it looks like he deleted that excerpt himself:

Listen, anything goes in the playoffs. So if Jalen wants to go low. I’ll go lower.

If you want to get back at Jalen and Rub N’ Tug Rick in a responsible and non-threatening way, might I suggest donating to the TUFF Fund as a fuck you.