Jalen Hurts just donated $200k worth of air conditioning to 10 Philadelphia schools via Kristin Hunt at PhillyVoice:

Jalen Hurts will fund air conditioning at 10 city schools, the School District of Philadelphia announced Thursday.

The Eagles quarterback is donating $200,000 to the district to purchase AC units for schools without adequate cooling. The district said the funds would “improve the learning environment and comfort for students and staff.” Superintendent Tony B. Watlington and Hurts will officially announce the gift in a conference at one of the selected schools on Friday morning.

Shout out to Jalen. He’s like Mother Theresa if she ever got introduced to the squat rack. Donating AC units to Philly area schools in need, donating to families to find a new home, and helping out kids and schools in need all over Philadelphia. This article would become boring if I listed everything Jalen has done for charity since he was drafted here. How could you hate this guy’s demeanor??? WIP can always find a way.

Huge Sixers play-in win, Phils are 7-3 in their last 10 and are starting to slug, and the NFL draft isn’t for another week. So what does the #1 sports radio station in Philly do? They ask the hard hitting questions on everyone’s mind:

“Lets get it back to the Eagles. Is Jalen Hurts an asshole for only donating air condition to 10 Philadelphia schools given that’s 0.0001% of his contract? We’re taking your calls at 215-592…, but follow these six rules or we’ll hang up.”

Amazing stuff. You gotta give ’em a hand. As long as you idiots keep listening they’ll keep playing the hits.

One thing that does confuse me. Why doesn’t The Fanatic poke fun at shit like this? You’re getting your doors blown off in the ratings. Why not point at this and be like get a load of these jagoffs? Drum up some excitement in a creative way for your shows. Differentiate yourself a little. I mean what is the alternative? Continue losing? I always thought it was weird the two radio stations in this town pass like ships in the night and rarely ever look at one another other than Josh Innes’ time here. Especially since talent switches back and forth like Ray Allen performing cunnilingus:

(I’ve got control of the site for the next 10 days while Kinker is on vacation, so buckle up.)

When WIP zigs why don’t they zag. Then everyone might remember there are two sports radio stations in this city.