Jalen Hurts spoke to the media on Thursday. This quote stood out:

“I find myself in a situation very similar to college in terms of having a constantly revolving door in terms of coordinators and coaches. But I’ve always managed to have success in it so that’s always been a good thing because you’ve been able to learn from people and apply it.”

The revolving door thing is legitimate. It’s not a coincidence that in his second year of both Nick Sirianni and Shane Steichen, the Eagles went to the Super Bowl and Hurts played at an MVP clip. Then Brian Johnson took over, four verticals dominated the playbook, and the Birds’ offense went from well-oiled machine to janky automaton. Compare that with the consistency you get at the offensive line position, where Jeff Stoutland has been a mainstay for many years now.

In terms of Kellen Moore taking over, Hurts declared that he is a sponge:

“I’m just all ears. I’m a sponge. I think there’s some beauty in that.. I’m in sponge mode. I’m letting them do what it is they’re going to do, and then we kind of adjust from there. I think the thing that we all have to understand is the importance of a foundation in something.”

The first thing Moore should do is find the “bubble screen” portion of the playbook, tear it out, and set it on fire. Then he should add a new chapter called “under center,” where you put the quarterback in something other than the shotgun or pistol and use a concept called “play action,” which is uncanonical in the scripture of Nick Sirianni. Moore has a legit QB, RB, two stud receivers, a great tight end, and a fantastic offensive line. These guys should be rolling in year 1. Even Matt Canada could turn this into a top 10 unit.

Serious question though – what goes on your Mount Rushmore of sponges?

I’d say:

  • the sea sponge
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Scrub Daddy
  • the band Sponge, who released the 1994 album “Rotting Pinata”