What a headline. Honestly in 2024 it’s not even the top-100 craziest of the year. But yes Jason Kelce lost his Super Bowl ring in a chili pool during a New Heights event in Cincinnati:

I love that Jason didn’t think a replica would be necessary. It never crossed his mind that there’s a chance any contestants weren’t going to be able to find his ring in a sock in two giant pools of chili. He’s a literal caveman.

Here’s Kelce explaining what happened:

Bro. Imagine having to dig through 12 hour-old coagulated Skyline Chili. I’d puke:

I hope these interns are getting paid or Mike Missanelli is going to have a field day with the Kelce brothers.

Regarding the ring, this was bound to happen. Apparently the guy loses it every other day. Five minutes into his documentary they had a scene where he was trying to find his ring:


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At least now he has a cool story forever.

P.S. There’s no way insurance takes his claim right? Like first he admitted it on his podcast that he stuck a ring in a sock and hid it in a giant pool of chili as a game. It’s not like he can claim it fell off and rolled down a sewer drain or something. It’s not like he’s strapped for cash and I could see Jeffrey Lurie just gifting him one if we’re being honest at his jersey retirement next year.