Saw this on the timeline:

On Thursday morning, and for part of Friday morning, JAKIB boss Joe Krause sat in for Jody.

He didn’t say much about the departure, only this at the beginning of the first show:

“I wanted to begin the show with a huge, big thank you to our pal Jody Mac, who went co-host with you (John McMullen) for the first three years of Birds 365, and when I spoke to Jody the other day, he wasn’t gonna miss getting up at 6:30. He wasn’t going to miss booking the guests all the time. But he was going to miss working with John McMullen… no doubt about it he will be missed on Birds 365. And even though there is always change in the world, we certainly become part of the memory and part of the history, as Birds 365 continues to roll.. Jody Mac you’re probably not seeing this message of thanks because you’re sleeping but we’ll play it back for you.”

Neither Krause nor Jody explained the reason for the departure, but show hosts typically don’t just up and disappear in the middle of the week, to be replaced by the company founder. I reported earlier this year that numerous JAKIB contributors were not being paid on time, and were owed thousands of dollars in outstanding wages, though I don’t have a balance sheet in front of me and can’t confirm every single dollar and every single detail on that front. I don’t know the extent of the complaints, but I do know that JAKIB axed the Sports Take show after our story was published, and also heard that Ocean Casino was no longer advertising with JAKIB, though when I contacted Ocean, a spokesman only said the casino does not go on the record regarding relationships with partners.

Nonetheless, you’ll notice that the Ocean branding no longer appears on JAKIB Shows. Birds 365 is showing Jaguar/Land Rover Willow Grove ads:

And Dan Sileo’s show has Underdog Fantasy:

And that’s about it. It looks like the other previous shows are no longer active. I’ll ask around and see what else I can find out.