Joel Embiid just scored 50 points on one leg and a slightly paralyzed face:

You need a god damn medical license to be a Sixers fan. Can we just have normal injuries for once? Bell’s Palsy, thoracic outlet syndrome, gastroenteritis, displaced flaps, and I’m sure I missed some.

Here’s Embiid talking about it after Game 3:

Plenty of people online noticed Embiid was blinking abnormally since the Miami game so it wasn’t like this was exactly a secret:

He wasn’t made available to reporters after Game 1, wore glasses for 48 hours, didn’t look up during his entire postgame press conference after Game 2, and wouldn’t speak any French:

I don’t know if that last one is a symptom of Bell’s Palsy. Good news is it’s a mild case and curable.

Do we do a Dollar Dog event in the Sixers lots on Sunday with all donations going to Bell’s Palsy research? Might have too.

P.S. I love Woj including that Embiid wanted to keep it private in his tweet to his 6.3 million followers.