Joel Embiid was at shoot around this morning and was wearing sunglasses on the bench. Why is that weird? Because he’s had sunglasses on in public since Saturday night:

I’ll put the tinfoil hat on. There is definitely something wrong with his eye. I don’t think this is exactly gamesmanship from the big guy. Would it surprise anyone if he’s blind in one eye now? Nope. The Sixers would still probably re-evaluate him in two weeks.

His eye was oddly twitching after he got injured going off the glass during Game 1:

And he wasn’t made available to reporters after the game, but Kyle Neubeck from reported he came out of the shower in white sunglasses and a towel. He was also recorded leaving MSG in the same white sunglasses:

So if you’re keeping score at home Embiid might be blind, Tyrese Maxey has the runs, De’Anthony Melton has my grandfather’s back, Robert Covington hasn’t been seen in months, and Tobias Harris.  Jesus Christ. It’s the same story every single year with this team.

At least it gives Embiid a reason to break out the goggles: