I love this shit! Now would a team with a rich playoff history act like this? Absolutely not. But this is what is going to make this series into an instant classic. Knicks fans shutting down the streets outside The Garden with a “We Want Boston” chant after Game 1 – when you wouldn’t even play them for two rounds – is gold. Now would you expect this from fans of NBA doormats like the Pistons or Kings? Of course. But this is the playoffs, baby!

So what it’s corny and I’d hate any Sixers fans if they pulled this shit. This is the greatest basketball city in the world! You just wouldn’t get it!

So what they’re still hung up on Trae Young from three years ago. You gotta respect a bunch of losers with this much passion:

This jersey got as hot as Tobias Harris last night:

When’s the parade?

How awesome is it that we get to experience one of the best moments of a Knicks fan’s life? I love seeing our little brother enjoy it out there! This is what it is all about! Just glad no Julius Randle posters were harmed in the celebration: