According to a leaked letter from Cesare Milanti at promised French President Emmanuel Macron he’d play for France back in 2021:

As reported by RMC Sport, it now appears that the current Philadelphia 76ers center promised French President Emmanuel Macron with a letter back in 2021 that he would represent France.“After discussion with the French Basketball Federation, my choice has now been made. I wish to take steps to obtain French naturalization and thus be able to be selected with the Blues. I therefore do not wish to play for any other national team”, he firmly commented to open his statement.The 30-year-old center affirmed again his willingness. “I have never worn the colors of any national team. It would be an immense honor for me to join this French team to participate in the next major international competitions, first and foremost the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games”, he said.

This wouldn’t be the first time Emmanuel Macron was seduced and it probably won’t be the last. It seems like the Gold Medal game back in Tokyo 2021 was for the rights to Joel Embiid. You lost. You get nothing. Good day, sir! Just admit you got played like a French horn on and off the court.

I mean who does France think they are? You’re France. Stick to soccer. Now would I be pissed if the best player in the EPL wanted to play for the U.S. and then backed out? Hell yeah. Would I have understood if he would rather play for France, Germany, or Brazil in the World Cup? Absolutely. Know your role and shut your mouth. How about France stops relying on American help to save them in an international competition for once. If it wasn’t for my great-grandaddy you’d be speaking German.

Joel Embiid. American Patriot: