This is Delco’s own Herman Whilby. Herman turned 106 on Monday. Dude looks AWESOME for being born in 1918. It’s true what they say. Black does in fact not crack:

What’s Herman’s keys to living to 106?

“First of all I work hard. Number one. Number two I don’t drink.” he said “And number three love the ladies indeed that’s the main thing.”

Work hard. Don’t drink. Love the ladies. Love that last one. Herman you dog!

And notice he has a Braves World Series Champions hat on. The fourth key is don’t be a Philadelphia sports fan obviously. It’s not as stressful on the heart:

Now I’d rather live fast and die young than let Blooper represent my favorite baseball team. But still there has to be a correlation between the two. The last three years alone have probably done irreparable damage to the hear of Philly sports fans. When they open us up at the end of our lives there’s going to be more scar tissue on their than Lance Harbor’s knee:

It’s the hope that kills you after all and since 2022 it’s been nothing but World Series and Super Bowl losses and collapse after collapse. Remember that Eagles fan who died in 2017 wanted the Eagles players to be his pallbearers so he could be let down one last time? Kind of ironic when you think of it now, but at the time it was relevant. That’s what it feels like. This Sixers team is the latest version. I’m sure there are other people just waiting for the shoe to drop on the Phillies season. Then the Eagles. Jason Kelce said it during his Super Bowl speech. There’s a reason we’re always pissed off and mean. Not many other fanbases could handle what we’ve had to endure. But what’s the alternative? Bing Netflix or start getting into the Real Housewives franchise? Absolutely not. Down with the ship. At the end of my life I’ll look at my kid who I raised a Philly sports fan and continued on the tradition of perpetual torture and with my last breath, I’ll look him in the eye and I’ll muster, “Gentlemen. It was an honor playing with you tonight.” and croak:

They better play Nearer My God To Thee as they lower my body into the ground right next to The SodFather.