The New York Mets started 0-4 and then were rained out on Tuesday night. Their PBP guy, Gary Cohen, looked like he’d rather be anywhere else during this hilarious moment before the game was called:

Awesome. Imagine having to bullshit your way through some fluff and hold a smile for 10 seconds. I’m looking at the team’s official Twitter and they announced the delay a little before 6:30, but didn’t call it until 9:08 p.m. The broadcasters filled time for a bunch of nothing, and the handful of fans who actually showed up sat there for a couple of hours before eventually going home.

Me on the Zoom call:

Me as soon as the Zoom call is over:

Great moment though. Very meme-able. This might be my favorite annoyed camera moment since Bill O’Reilly’s famous meltdown. “We’ll do it live! Fuck it! I’ll write it and we’ll do it live! Fuckin’ thing sucks!